Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders are easy to use, but tough to clean. They can be used to apply foundation and for can be part of your daily skin care regimen. It is an excellent alternative to get those hard to reach places on your face.

Dab a dime-size amount of cleaning solution onto the sponge. You can use Dawn dishwashing soap.
Massage the blender for about 60 seconds. Add water and rinse while squeezing the sponge.
Rinse it until the water in your sink runs clear, and then gently roll it on a clean towel to remove moisture. Lay flat to dry.
Available in many neon colors at Sephora for $20

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Illuminating Veil product review

Illuminating Veils are opulent long-wearing cream highlighters that produce a sumptuous glow to the face or body. They wear fluently solo or can be mixed into foundations for an essential glow. You can choose from 8 shades and best to use one that is closest to your skin color. If you want a luminous look, this is definitely an excellent product at an affordable price. Average cost: $22.

Primer – A must have prior to Makeup Application

Primer is the last step before makeup application. Finally, to ensure your makeup doesn’t slip and slide all day long, use a primer pre-foundation and pre-concealer for flawless results. You’ll find that getting your skin in good shape first will give you the perfect palette for which to apply your makeup. You can also mix primer with your foundation before application.Elf Primer – Average cost $