Innovative luxury material for easy application and lightweight for all day comfort.

Each pair of lashes is individually hand-made, with an ultra-thin and flexible lash band created to provide you with all-day comfort and easy application. Our lashes are hand crafted with high quality mink hair providing the most natural & glamorous look.  The most light-weight and soft lash hairs that are ethically sourced. Luxe mink lashes can be worn 20+ applications.

15 MINUTES / $30 (Includes Application of Mink Lashes)


Classy Lash                 $20                 

Show your haters your classy side with this subtly flared, three-dimensional lash style that has ultra-natural length and volume.

Corporate Lash           $20     

One of our all-time best sellers, these lashes give you length and impact. Corporate Lash has a long-short pattern, evenly distributed along the entire band, so you can perfect your dress for success in the corporate world.

Socialite Lash             $20     

Living the glamourous life is just a lash away. Get instant lash confidence with this ultra whispie and feathery, three-dimensional lash. Become the next star in the social scene with Socialite Lash.