Brush Components:
There are three parts to a brush:
1. Hair – The bristles of the makeup brush.
2. The Ferrule – The metal portion of the brush attaching the bristles to the brush adding strength.
3. The Handle – This aspect could be made of wood, acrylic, plastic or metal.

Brush Hair Categories:
Natural Hair comes from various animal sources. No harm is done to the animal to obtain this. A reason natural hair brushes are a favorite between most makeup artists are because of its ability to smoothly transport the cosmetics it carries on to the canvas.

Synthetic Brushes contain manmade bristles using materials such as Taklon and Nylon. Like Natural Bristles, Synthetic does not contain any protein or allergens. Synthetic brushes do not absorb making it excellent for the usage of liquid-based cosmetics. However, Synthetic brushes do with time get tough to use as they become stiffer and firmer.
BRUSH CLEANER Choose a brush cleaner that contains hospital-grade disinfectant, which will kill 99.9% of bacteria and dry quickly. A good professional grade brush cleaner is Cinema Secrets. As soon as brushes are dry to the touch they are ready to use and 99.99% bacteria free. The cost varies between $6 – $24.
Stay tuned for our next article on the complete brush set for your makeup kit.